Wood Carving Pictures

Close Up Pictures

I would like to thank Dr. Mark O. Gehmlich for taking the following Close Up pictures of some of my wood carvings. Click on the images to Enlarge them and get a very close view of the detail that goes into each of my wood carvings.

          High Speed Engraving Equipment makes it possible to put extreme detail into you work that would never be possible for most people using conventional tools.

If you want to get serious about wood carving or gunstock carving, it is very important to purchase quality tools and equally important to get pointed in the right direction with some quality training.

The equipment that I use is available from High Speed Engraving.com. They feature high quality engraving equipment and even repair the handpieces that I use through Utah Handpiece Repair.

I have put together two DVD’s that will help you get a fast start into High Speed Wood Carving. Many of my students choose to first purchase my DVD’s and practice at home. The basketweave and fishscale patterns can be printed right from the dvd with your home computer. Any office supply store or copy center can also print them for you if you do not have your own computer. If you would like to receive these patterns FREE via e-mail CLICK HERE.

The next step is to take a training class. This is a proven way to get a head start in your wood carving. In my three day beginning carving class, you will learn the basics to carving leaves, basketweave, fishscale and more. You will be surprised at what you will accomplish and learn. You will also leave with some great hands-on samples to use as a reference in your future carvings. To read some testimonials from some of my past students, visit my Training Classes page. 

The final step is practice. Nobody can do this overnight. It takes a lot of patience and practice. However, it is so gratifying and exciting to see what you can accomplish. Oh, and I almost forgot, IT’S FUN. By following some simple directions, one step at a time, you will be able to produce results that will amaze you. You do not need any artistic ability to do this type of wood carving. Just take one step at a time and trace the lines. Oh, and practice.

I wish you all the best in your own Wood Carving Projects.

Joe Cummings