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Companies and Websites I Recommend

Popular Items – Bits/Burs  Stencil Film 

If you are looking for the JOE CUMMINGS KIT – please call Russ or Marcy at 801.210.0479. We work directly with Joe’s customers to provide the exact engraving equipment Joe uses and recommends.

  • Handpiece RepairUtah Handpiece Repair is the place to go if you have a high speed tool that you need rebuilt or replaced. They can rebuild most types of high speed handpieces and save you a lot of money compared to buying new.
  • Artwork for Carving – Wildwood Collection – K.J. Thurgood.  His vast library of nature photos is overflowing and Kelly’s desire is that these images will help you create your own artwork, especially in the fields of woodcarving and pyrography.
  • Websites for Artists and Carvers
    Taking Aim Marketing works will all kinds of small businesses to provide websites that actually work. Joe Cummings highly recommends doing business with Russ Larsen at Taking Aim Marketing.