Custom Fireplace Mantels

Custom Fireplace Mantels by Joe Cummings

The Fireplace mantle shown below is over 5 feet in length and 14 inches wide. This is the first in a series of four mantles that Joe is currently producing. All four designs will be western themes. The thickness of the mantle below is about 2 inches but it is relieved down to 1/2 inch in some places. This is as close to a full relief carving as you get. The detail in the coach, horses and tack is absolutely amazing. You will have to study the mantel time after time to appreciate the attention to detail such as the birds in the background, the smile on the man’s face in the back of the coach, and the matching horses “socks”.

Click on a picture below to view in more detail.


Fireplace Mantel August 2009

If you are interested in a quote on a Custom Fireplace Mantel, please contact me. I would love to design one for you or you can choose from one of my designs.

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Joe Cummings