Custom Attache Cases by Joe Cummings

Custom Carved Attache Briefcases by Joe Cummings

These Custom attache briefcases are made by Gerstner USA and hand Carved by Joe Cummings.


This is how Gerstner USA describes their Custom Attache Briefcases.

Give the perfect Business Gift, Honorarium or Incentive Award – an attaché Gerstner, “Top Shelf” among the world’s finest briefcases.  Offered in American Cherry, or Natural Walnut.  Solid Wood construction (no veneers) and impeccable hand joinery are enhanced by a durable, hand rubbed satin finish with Sueded Pigskin interior.

The Classic Raised Panel style, with its hand selected center panel, features the elegance of natural wood.  Every attaché Gerstner is built of solid hardwood, with its own unique character and appearance.Your attaché Gerstner, whether  you choose a Classic Panel or a Hand Carved one, will always be highly treasured.  Even after years of daily use, an attaché Gerstner can be fully serviced (from minor repairs to complete refinishing) by our Gerstner craftsmen.

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