Gunstock Carving

Wood Carving by Master Wood Carver Joe Cummings

Custom Gunstock Carving, Pistol Grips, Custom Cabinet Doors, Attache Cases, Custom Carved Fireplace Mantels and more.

The Pictures below are the Forearms to the Rifle Stocks above.


 Joe Cummings specializes in Custom Gunstock Carving. He has perfected many patterns such as the Basketweave and the Fishscale. He has also designed many of his own custom carving patterns. You can click on the pictures to get a closer look at these intricate patterns. The checkering on most guns today is very poor in comparison to what it used to be. Checkering today is done by machine, whereas it used to be carved by hand; the results are just not as good. Look at some of your guns closely and you will probably feel the same way. Some of Joe’s clients have him take out the checkering and replace it with the basketweave or fishscale pattern and then accent it further with leaves, acorns or even a nice border. This dramatically improves the look of the gun, but it also feels good and improves your grip while shooting.


Nothing makes a statement quite like a Custom Carved Attache Case. These wooden briefcase are made from the finest materials and are of the highest quality. Design your own carving or let Joe put a design together for you. The cases above are a few examples of some cases Joe has carved in the past. All of Joe Cummings carvings are one-of-a-kind originals and will never be duplicated or copied. This makes the ultimate business gift.



If you have a project in mind, please Contact Joe for a FREE quote. We love custom projects and would be happy to help you with advice, training classes, DVD Instruction or complete a project for you.